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  1. shailendra kumar sinha



    I want to sent my son aged 15 years for three months karate or kungfu training.  Please telll me full details, address, contact no., e.mail address and fees (including all expenses) for two person



  2. Hi there!

    I want to train martial arts in Shaolin temple.

    I'm 25 years old.

    Is training and bed for free insted of money i could work in temple?!

    I want train there for 5 years, what type of visa do i need?

    please share more information

  3. Hi, when I graduate high school I want to live in shaolin monastery and learn shaolin kung fu, along with Qi Gong. I will offer my services to the temple. I want to be a monk, but not a lay monk, but a warrior monk. Thank you and please tell me if this is possible.

  4. Were there a group of men trained as royal guards? It would have been 1870’s and maybe 1880’s.
    my ancestor may have trained there leaving with his men and somehow ended up as a Spanish navy admiral named Andrew Nero Caria. If I’m correct he died a few years before the 1901 attacks while sailings out of US Texas . He had a child I want to say born in the Philippines but I’m not sure. It seems relevant to say the end of the Spanish rain lead to only more. someone died of importance possibly who may have been the peacekeeper.

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