Shaolin Monk Weapons Shaolin Weapons

Shaolin Monk Weapons (Shaolin Weapons) have great variety. According to the legend, after the thirteen staff bearing monk soldiers rescued the Qin prince Li Shimin in the fighting against the Sui general Wang Shichong, the relations between the Shaolin Temple and the Imperial Court became very close. The Imperial Court often sent generals and officers to the Shaolin Temple to learn Kung Fu from the monk soldiers. At the same time, the Imperial generals and officers also brought their own martial arts skills to the temple. General Guan Yunchang, Cheng Yaojin, Luo Cheng, Gao Huide and the yang family members, for instance, taught the Shaolin Monks their characteristic fighting skills with the broadsword, the crescent axe, the plum blossom spear and the black tiger hammer.

All these Shaolin Monk Weapons (Shaolin Weapons) were skillfully mastered by the Shaolin fighting monks. After repeated practice and research, Shaolin fighting monks developed many different weapons and create their unique styles. The variety of Shaolin Monk Weapons (Shaolin Weapons) eventually increased to over 120 after the Song dynasty. Now the spear, sword, staff, broadsword, monk’s spade, straight sword, cane and 9 section whip are in common use.

Shaolin Kung Fu has four fundamental weapons: the straight sword, the spear, the broadsword, and also the staff .They are the four basic weapons of Kung Fu and 1 that all critical martial artists really should master

The Staff – The Father of All Weapons
The Broad Sword – The Marshall of All Weapons
The Spear – The King of All Weapons
The Straight Sword – The Gentleman of all Weapons

The origin of all Shaolin Monk Weapons (Shaolin Weapons) are as follows: The knife, the stick, the spear, the rope, and also the hammer. Came from here all of the weapons of the kung fu have grew and prospered.

The 18 Shaolin Monk Weapons (Shaolin Weapons) consist of nine short weapons such as axes, swords, and double daggers. and nine long weapons, such as spear, staff , and the halberd;

Here are some Shaolin Monk Weapons (Shaolin Weapons):

The staff is really a required weapon. With the study of the staff you are going to understand strategies that will assist you to with other weapons. The staff provides you balance and coordination along with controlled eye hand manage. The staff is amongst the very first tools utilised by early man to assist him survive. It really is mentioned that around 517 A.D., the Zen Buddhist priest Daruma Daishi brought into effect fluent use of the kwun. The staff is a excellent weapon because it makes you to understand to make use of both hands.

The Broad Sword,Developed to lay the wind. The blood grooves near the back edge of the blade are etched in for stability, and for allowing air into the wound for a quick pull out. In ancient China there’s a saying that the Dao (broad sword) will be the master of all weapons. As a result of the way The Dao is employed, it has verified to have more benefits than other weapons. Even a slight sliding across the enemy’s body would cause a lot more critical injury than from the hammer, the pole, the spear, or the whip. Given that the broadsword is sharp only on 1 side, placing the spine of the sword close towards the body can avoid the weapon from causing injury to the holder.

Butterfly Swords,Two short swords working in unison and with deadly results. The Butterfly Swords was a common southern style weapon and have the ability to be flipped hiding it from an enemy. This form naturally increases a practitioner hand and arm speed although strengthening one’s wrists. This weapon and any form for it are the trademarks of short but quick tactics.

The Kwan Dao or Long-Handled-Broadsword,1 of the most well-known long handle sabre utilized by Common Guan Yu in the course of the Chinese 3 Kingdom Period (221-280 A.D.) this was called “Green-Dragon Scything-Moon Broadsword”. It really is believed that this weapon was practically about eight-feet long and weighed nearly 90 pounds.

The 3 Sectional Staff is one of the archetypal weapons of kung fu. Its creation is attributed to the Very first Song Emperor. Based on legend, his favourite staff was split into three on the battlefield, so he speedily repaired it by lashing the broken pieces together. The contemporary three section staff is produced of three shafts fastened together by chain links. The shafts are generally rattan, hardwood, white wax wood and nowadays, foam rubber (for safe practice.) It truly is a quite versatile weapon, able to collapse into a short baton or expand into a long spinning staff.

The Gim or Straight Sword differs from the Broad Sword in that each sides of the blade are sharp. Martial artists think about the Gim one of the most versatile of all ancient weapons, and call it the “king of short weapons”.

The Spear is referred to as “king of the long weapons” because its tactics and applications are superior to other weapons. Horsetail tassels were also added, to first distract the enemy, and much more important to quit blood from running down the blade.

List of the Shaolin Monk Weapons (Shaolin Weapons),some in the new film shaolin 2011

Short Stick
Curved sword Broadsword
Shaolin Tiger fork
Double hook swords
Double swords
Double Dagger
Rope dart
Cresnet moon spade
Old Mans Staff (cane)
Straight sword Scholar’s Sword
Double Hammers
Double Axe
Double spade moon sword
Halberd – Ta Dao
Monk Spade
Crescent moon spear
Three sectional staff
Long, axe
Snake & Cresent Spear
Middle Horse Cutter
Shield Rattan & other materials
Eight Sutra Hammer
Big Horse Cutter
Small Horse Cutter

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